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The World Articles in Ear, Nose and Throat
is a professional journal in the medical specialty of Otolaryngology which strives to bring easy access and dissemination of interesting cases and substantive research from around the world.    Articles submitted to WAENT are published on the internet soon after they are approved.   Submission of pertinent videos are encouraged. 

Articles in the WAENT Archives are posted until the Journals Volume is Closed.   Thus, some articles in the current issue will be posted but the issue will be incomplete until the closure date.

Vol & Date
Vol & Date
2013 Vol 6(1) June 30, 13
2012 Vol 5(1) Dec 31, 12
2011 Vol 4(1) June 30, 11 Vol 4(2) Dec 31, 11
2010 Vol 3(1) June 30, 10 Vol 3(2) Dec 31, 10
2009 Vol 2(1) June 30, 09 Vol 2(2) Dec 31, 09
2008 Vol 1(1) Dec 31, 08

Download WAENT Cumulative Peer-Reviewed Article and Video Archive Index.

Download WAENT Peer-Reviewed Articles (all articles) and Cumulative Index - Total of 68 Megs

Disclaimer:  Articles appearing in the World Articles in Ear, Nose and Throat (WAENT) may contain statements, opinions, and information that have errors in opinions, facts, figures, conclusions or interpretation.  Thus, Cumberland Otolaryngology Consultants, the publishers, the authors, editors and their respective employees are not responsible or liable for the use of any such information contained in the manuscripts, pictures, movies or other content provided or published by the WAENT.   If inaccuracies are identified, please submit a letter to the editor and contact the WAENT at  Always consult a qualified healthcare provider for advice regarding a medical condition or treatment recommendations. 



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